Thursday, April 22, 2010

35 weeks - Oh the belly!

Yesterday's weekly visit went swell and all is well with the little lady. However, we had an unexpected visit during our check-up last week.

Apparently homegirl is having contractions. (Shouldn't I be feeling these suckers?!)

Well, I'm not. They show up on the charts - but it's business as usual for me.

They showed up at my first visit and the second visit and again yesterday. Luckily, we know that these are just prep contractions. Nothing to be alarmed about. We know this NOW because of last week's visit. They ushered us off to the delivery area at the hospital, tested me for an hour or so. All is well. Looks like I'll have the contractions until the real deal hits. (I'm sure I'll feel them at that point).

Yesterday's check-in was perfection: Baby girl has plenty of fluid and is still super active (despite running out of room). I swear, sometimes I feel like my belly is like a giant egg and she's gonna hatch right out of the middle! :)

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