Saturday, March 27, 2010

31 weeks - turning into Gigantor

Seriously, 8 more weeks?! Everything is happening quite fast. I feel like I ballooned into a super behemoth pregnant woman in the last 2 weeks. I walked to work the other day (walk to Glen Park Bart, and then to the office from Montgomery to Folsom). I don't think I'll be doing that everyday! It took me almost an hour to waddle my way into work! (usually takes 20/30 minutes).

Doctor stuff: I had my 4 week check-up yesterday and found that I passed my glucose test!! (big sigh of relief). However, my iron count was a bit low, not quite anemic, but very close. Time to gobble up some tasty greens and possibly eat a bit more steak. We listened to her heartbeat - super strong! - and all seems to be going well. I'm scheduled to go in every week from here on out. They will monitor her heart rate and ensure that placenta is doing everything it needs to until the final day.


  1. That must be fabric for the chair. I really like this photo, can't quite put my finger on why, but very contemplative and peaceful looking. Love Mum. oxoxoxo

    PS Aunt Agnes told me you had posted